Happy Birthday, Ironworkers

TO:    All Local Unions, District Councils and International Staff

FROM:  General President Eric Dean

Happy Birthday!

Today, February 4th, marks our proud Union's 120th year in existence. The Iron Workers Union was formed to improve the working conditions for its members and fight for fair wages and benefits and to represent all those engaged in the ironworking industry.

We have been through trials and tribulations as an organization. Our history is rich with many who risked life and limb literally to achieve the best standard of living possible for our members.

Today our goals are no different than our brothers and sisters who came before us. A ton of iron still weighs a ton. The technology and laws have changed—some for the better and some not.

As you go to the job this week, thank the old timers either on the job or call them. Thank them for getting us to the point we are at today.  We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. You should know the Iron Workers are prepared for today's challenges and are building tomorrow's workforce to help build the most complex projects society can dream to draw on paper.

We are lucky to call ourselves union ironworkers.